In the midst of a conservative well-to-do neighborhood, with ‘architectural cakes’ behind high walls and fences lies this jewel-like quirky ‘corner house’ designed by the late architect Roger Turton.  Like its owners the house stands proud, expressing the freedom to have its own authentic character without shame among its rather drab neighbors. Although the house has a front porch it is subtly screened off from the public without being behind high walls or fences. The building lot is an irregular shape and quite small with corner setbacks on two boundaries. Due to some clever planning by the developer the lot has waterfront access via an 8-foot wide 100-foot long walkway leading to a small seaside pavilion. Internally this small house has lots on delightful surprises such as a curved double height void, a roof light over the central staircase and lots of one-step changes in floor height and floor finishes that make you stop and think as you move around the house. The owners are still proud of their house and engaged Roger’s cousin, Gary Turton an architect with acla:works to make a small extension on the upper floor so as to preserve the original architectural intent. It’s always a privilege to photograph fine architecture, especially when the occupants are happy and take care to preserve their gem – regrettably they are too few around.

The front porch with colorful fabric canopies

residential, external porch

The front porch with colorful canvas canopies over the doors

residential, external porch

The front porch and main entrance

residential, external porch

The front porch partially screened off from the street

seaside lounge

The seaside lounge accessed from the house via a long, narrow landscaped walkway

residential, timber stairsCentral timber staircase with lattice screens and overhead skylight

Residential , double height spaceView from the study into the void overlooking the living room below

residential , double height space

View from the living room looking up in the void to the study above

LUMIS_20130305 _Kirpilani_0016

The formal living room with corner doors

Residential interiors, dining room

The dining room

The master bedroom over the living room adjacent to the rear porch at dusk

The master bedroom above the living room viewed from the back porch

residential, fabric canopies

A view from the rear courtyard back door entrance

residential, fabric canopies

Canvas canopies over doors and windows

residential, feature window

A feature window designed for privacy and security