March 31, 2013 by Brian Lewis

In this topic you will get some insight into the need for planning for photographing architecture and a simple checklist that will help prepare to get the best from an architectural photographic session. In architectural photography there is no substitute for advance planning. After all the arrangements to meet the architect, get the necessary permissions and the cost of travel [not to mention all the time involved] to discover that significant obstacles have been overlooked is quite unnecessary. I will not labor on the negative effects except to say that everyone involved will pay the price of not thinking ahead to minimise problems from popping up on the job. Still, bad stuff does happen and one has to be prepared. For instance I try to travel with two cameras systems just in case some electrical or mechanical bug threatens to ruin a photo shoot session I will have a back-up camera. My Hasselblad is my primary camera [it has not let me down yet] and my Nikon is the back up. I also travel with a series of back up batteries, hard drives, SIM card readers, SIM cards, etc., etc. as there are many critical links in the chain. There are so many critical ‘links in the chain’ that I have my own ‘pre-flight’ checklist to make sure I have not forgotten anything. You can either download the AIA Best Practices: Preparing for Professional Photography – A Checklist, or click to download the LUMIS version below: