The feature project is a vacation villa designed by acla:works located near the Crown Point Airport in Tobago. The project is quite photogenic and I always seem to get carried away for fear of the weather or some other unpredictable element. Thankfully the weather was good most of the time except for one short but very squall.

The design is contemporary and in bright sunshine strong shadows help shows the form and architectural lines. Twilight is an excellent time to photography contemporary house with large glass openings. Despite the 15 stop dynamic range of my camera the interiors are not quite so easy to handle because of the wide contrast, especially when shooting the interior that look out towards the view.

The villa, names Cote Ci Cote La, overlooks the Atlantic Ocean but is approximate fifty feet above sea level. The villa is two storeys and accommodates 4 bedrooms [two en-suite masters] with a swimming pool, a covered porch and a spacious double height living space. The kitchen and bathrooms are particularly well appointed with quality cabinetry, fittings, fixtures and finishes. The kitchen works particularly well with the outdoor covered dining porch.