If you are thinking about getting your project photographed professionally then this three part series could provide helpful answers to your questions. Part I of the series deals with questions that may arise before commissioning photography. If your question has not been answered pop me an e-mail.

What information do we need to give you to arrange a photo session?  Every project is unique but to start with we would need the name and address of the project, the number of spaces and photographs required and the purpose for which they will be used. We can then provide you with a Project Information Request Form that will provide the specifics necessary to provide a proposal for your photography.

Our project has some restrictions in availability – how much notice do you need in advance to schedule photography? Ideally a minimum of a week’s notice is required to schedule a photo shoot but in extraordinary circumstances, and depending upon other commitments, it may be possible to arrange a photo shoot with 48 hours notice.

Other companies involved in the project may be interested sharing the cost of the photography. What arrangement do you recommend in these circumstances? This is the ideal arrangement where a number of companies share in the cost of photography as the cost per company can be significantly lower. We can also discuss producing a project brochure.

We are not sure which projects to photograph – how can you help us? We can help you choose which projects to photograph either by visiting the projects or by reviewing drawings or thumbnail images of the projects.

I’m really overwhelmed with work at this time and I don’t have the time to deal with this on my own. Can you help me handle this? A brief meeting, Skype chat or e-mail could provide us with an idea of what you are trying to achieve, and we can then come back to you with a proposal that suggests the required level of your input to conform to your availability and schedule.

We have a limited budget, how can you help us keep costs to a minimum? Once we have an idea of your budget limitation we can tailor a proposal that provides you with a choice of options you can live with.

Do we need permission from the Owner of the project and can you provide a standard agreement? Yes, it is always advisable to have the Owner’s permission to photograph their property and we can provide you with a standard agreement that sets out the proposed use for the images.

Do you have a special package that might match my needs? We do have three packages on our website that include a project brochure, and we can also discuss a special package to meet your particular needs.

How long will you need to be on site and when can we get some images? It depends on the size of the project, the number of images involved and the weather. Interior photographs usually take longer because of the need to set up lighting. As a general guide for one day we can shoot one twilight, 4-5 exteriors and 1-2 interior shots. Also, remember that for every day in the field allow a day for post-production.