I am due to give a talk at the Annual American Institute of Architects Fall Conference on ‘Architecture Matters’ in Bozeman, Montana in September 2013. I immediately started thinking about how I could make a connection between the theme of the conference and what I have been doing for the last few years. It’s interesting to contemplate how all these things are connected. When I had the privilege of photographing some architecture that I selected, I became aware of how architects can make their clients happy and productive. The ability to make someone happy should not be taken lightly and not many professions deliver happiness, while others produce suffering!


Perhaps I will publish my talk after it is delivered but for now the most I can do is give an outline:


  • Introduction and Background
  • Architecture Matters
  • Critical Issues Facing an Evolving Caribbean Aesthetic
  • Educating the Public
  • Contemporary Caribbean Architecture
  • Summary & Conclusion

AIA Fall Conference, Montana.