As mentioned in previous blog articles I have been working on a four-year project to publish a book on Contemporary Caribbean Architecture. We are now entering the fourth and hopefully finally year that will culminate in the book being published during the fourth quarter of 2015. Photography is now more than 90 percent complete with only 3 to 4 projects that remain left to be photographed in Trinidad.

The book is to be published jointly between LUMIS Photography and ACLA:WORKS and is to be printed by Scrip-J Printers. Melanie Archer is handling the graphic design for the book. Mark Raymond and Mark Lyndersay are to write short essays on the architecture and photography respectively. The plan is to launch the book in early November 2015 to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the firm ACLA:WORKS and, depending upon the response to the sponsorship, followed by an exhibition of some of the images published.

Invitations are being currently circulated to prospective sponsors for the book and the exhibition and a copy of the proposal is available here

20141218_Contemporary Caribbean Architecture proposal.

If you can think of any prospective sponsors please let me know as soon as possible.

A recent article published by ZOSA focuses on an interview about the book that can be downloaded


From January to June in 2015 I will be preparing images for publication at the rate of two projects per week in order to meet the schedule for printing the book in time for the third quarter in 2015. After June I will be printing images for the exhibition. Yes, keep in mind I have a daytime job so it’s going to be a busy year ahead for me.