If you are thinking about getting your project photographed professionally then this three part series could provide helpful answers to your questions. Part I of the series dealt with questions that may arise before commissioning photography. Part II dealt with questions that could arise during the actual photographic event. Part III, the final in this series, deals with issues that you might have after the photo-shoot.

 If your questions have not been answered pop me e-mail.

How long will it take to see images after the project has been photographed?

We prefer not to rush out work so that we can deliver high quality images justified by the high quality equipment we use. Normally it would take a week or two before we can deliver. Let us know your needs beforehand and we will adjust our schedule to deliver. Turn around will also depend on whether we are traveling overseas and whether on-location sites have high-speed Internet service.

What are the deliverables that we can expect at the end of the day?

We would normally shoot more images than required and e-mail proofs of the images in contact sheets for your selection. Once you choose images we will then make final modifications of the images including preparing them for transfer at the resolution, file format and color space as required. We can also provide high quality 11-ink prints up to 11×17 and outsource printing for even larger prints.

Now that the assignment has been completed and others have seen the images and want to use them, what are the arrangements?

At inception do consider contacting other firms involved in the project and to interest them in participating in the photographic assignment, as this will provide the most economical arrangement for all concerned. If this has not been arranged beforehand then ask the interested person to contact us to license any images for their specific needs – in this way you may be entitled for a rebate.

Our firm can expect to complete a few building each year, can we make an arrangement that offers other benefits?

If you have need for regular photography [say 3-4 projects per year] then it would be worth discussing a special arrangement to schedule a trip at your preference. It may then be possible to further reduce costs if there are others projects to be photographed in your location so that expenses can be shared and optimized thus resulting in cost savings for you.

What are the limitations for use of the images?

Most architects or developers need photography for their own purposes using them on the Internet or in brochures. Our standard copyright license is very user friendly without any geographic or time restrictions. Photography for publication or advertising requires