In this global world we now live in, it’s interesting to realize that we can bring people together from other parts of the world and share cutting edge professional programs. For many years now I have been following Eric Bobrow of Bobrow Consulting Group ever since I met Eric at an AIA conference in Boston probably a decade ago. Eric’s expertise is in architectural BIM software training, implementation and consulting and also architectural marketing strategies, training and services. Eric runs a number of internet courses on Marketing for Architects and Best Practices: ArchiCAD Best Practices.







Quite separately I have also been following Nic Granleese architectural photographer, for the last three years. Nic has now extended his expertise and services to offer consulting on Website for Architects. Okay so much for the introductions. The important question here is why am I writing this blog on this topic?







Well its because I think all three of us are  involved in helping architects promote themselves and their work better. Incidentally it was me who put Eric and Nic in touch with one another and I am really pleased to see that they produced a really interesting webinar on Mistakes Architects Make With Their Websites. The webinar contained countless tips and strategies for architects to help them improve their internet marketing and websites. Nic is also promoting an upcoming webinar on Media and An Architects Website: The Secrets of Getting Published.

Unfortunately by the time you read this the webinar would have taken place on 06 August but, if it is well subscribed, I am sure Nic will re-run the webinar. I really felt I needed to share this with fellow architects who might be following my blog since I believe that Caribbean architects need to follow these webinars..