Books on architectural photography provide the basis for further appreciation and education on both architecture and photography. Books may be focussed on a variety of perspectives; theoretical, technical, or a body of work by an architect or a photographer. Here is an updated collection of books on architectural photography. Architectural photographic books can be expensive so hopefully you will find this collection a shortcut for your search.

Construction Worlds: Photography & Architecture in the Modern Age Edited by Pardo and Redstone Prestel, 2014

Architectural Guide: Brazil By Kimmel, Santa Cecilinia, Tigermann DOM Publishers, 2013

Architecture in Photographs By Gordon Baldwin Getty Publications, 2013

Concrete Edited by William Hall Phaidon, 2012

The Architectural Photography of John Gollings By Joe Rollo Thames & Hudson, 2011

Beauty in Decay By Romany WG and Patrick Potter Carpet Bombing Culture, 2011

Building Brazilia Photography By Marcel Gautherot Text Kenneth Frampton Thames & Hudson, 2010

Balthazar Korab: Architect of Photography By John Comazzi Princeton Architectural Press, 2012

Ezra Stoller Photographer By Nina Rappaport and Erica Stoller Yale University Press, 2012

Architectural Photography: Composition, Capture and Digital Image Processing – Rev second edition By Adrian SchulRocky Nook, 2012

Architectural Photography: Composition, Capture and Digital Image Processing – Rev second edition By Adrian Schulz Rocky Nook, 2012

Construction and Design Manual: Architectural Photography By Axel Hausberg, Anton Simons Dom Publishers, 2012

Photographing Architecture: Lighting, Composition, Postproduction and Marketing Techniques By John Siskin Amherst Media, Inc., 2012

Julius Shulman: The Last Decade By Kehrer Vailag-Berlin and Jurgen Nagai Kehrer Vailag-Berlin, 2010

Architectural Photography: Composition, Capture and Digital Image Processing – First Edition By Adrian Schulz Rocky Nook, 2009

Architectural Photography: Professional Techniques for Shooting Interior and Exterior Spaces By Norman McGrath AMPHOTO, 2009

EERO SAARINEN: Builings form the Balthazar Korab Archive Edited by David de Long and Ford Peatross Norton Library of Congress, 2008

Julius Shulman: Palm Springs By Michael Stern and Alan Hess Rizzoli, 2008

Architectural Photographers Sourcebook By Sandow Media Corporation, 2007

Architectural Photography The Digital Way By Gerry Kopelow Princeton Architectural Press, 2007

Architectural Photography: Inside & Out By Jim Lowe Photographer’s Institute Press, 2006

Icons of Architecture Edited by Sabine Thiel-Siling Prestel, 2005

Building With Light: The International History Of Architectural Photography By Robert Elwall Merrell, NY. 2004

Professional Architectural Photography – Third Edition By Michael Harris Focal Press, 2002

How To Photography Buildings and Interiors Third Edition By Gerry Kopelow Princeton Architectural Press Inc., 2002

Architecture: Developing Style in Creative Photography By Terry Hope Rotovision, 2001

Professional Photography: Photographing Buildings By David Wilson Rotovision, 2001

Photographing Architecture and Interiors By Julius Shulman Balcony Press, 2000

Julius Shulman: Architecture and its Photography By Julius Shulman Taschen, 1998

Frey: Houses I + II By Albert Frey and Jennifer Golub Princeton Architectural Press, 1995

Architectural Photography By Michael Harris Focal Press

Manual of Interior Photography By Michael Harris Focal Press, 1993

How To Photography Buildings and Interiors By Gerry Kopelow Princeton Architectural Press Inc., 1993

Looking at Architecture By G. E. Kidder Smith Harry N. Abrams, Inc., 1990

Photographing Buildings Inside and Out By Norman McGrath The Architectural Press, 1987

The Photography of Architecture: Twelve Views By Akiko Busch Van Nostrand Rienhold Company Inc., 1987

Architecture Transformed: A History of the Photography of Buildings from 1939 to the Present By Cervin Robinson and Joel Herschman The MIT Press, 1987

The Architectural Photography of Hedrich-Blessing Edited by Robert A. Sobieszek Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1984

Architectural Photography By John Veltri AMPHOTO, 1977

The Photography of Architecture and Design: Photographing Buildings, Interiors and the Visual Arts By Julius Shulman Whitney Library of Design, 1977

Architectural Photography By Joseph W. Molitor John Wiley & Sons, 1976

Architectural Photography By E. de Mare B. T. Batsford, 1975

Peterson’s Guide to Architectural Photography By Lahue Kalton and Joseph A. Bailey, 1973

Photographic Literature: Vols 1 & 2 Edited by A. Boni Morgan & Morgan, 1962, 1972

Recording Historic Buildings By H. J. McKee U. S. Department of the Interior, 1970

Architectural Photography By J. Giebelhausen Nikolas Karpf, 1965

Photographing Architecture and Interiors By Julius Shulman Watson-Cuptill Publications, 1962

Photography and Architecture By E. de Mare Architectural Press, 1961

How To Photograph Buildings in Black and White No Author B. Bishop Fountain Press, 1956

Photographing Architecture By M. F. Harker Fountain Press, 1951

Focus on Architecture and Sculpture By H. Gernsheim Fountain Press, 1949

All About Architecture and Your Camera By R. M. Fanstone Focal Press, 1946

Architectural Photography of Houses By R. C. Cleveland F. W. Dodge Corporation, 1953

Architectural Photography By L. Shaw Newnes, 1949

How To Photograph Buildings By Barry T. Hedley Fountain Press, 1927

Architectural Photography By G. A. T. Middleton Hazell, Watson and Viney, 1898