Transforming people’s lives and spaces through design is definitely Randall’s raison d’etre. I was called in by Randall on a Friday afternoon to visit a job he wanted photographed the next day. When I arrived at the residence the place was crawling with workers everywhere so I asked Randall, “are you sure we are photographing this tomorrow?” Randall assured me that every detail would be done, painting hung, floors polished and furniture placed. It was hard to believe but knowing how hard Randall works at creating these miracles I went along. The next day I arrived as arranged and sure enough everything was in place as he promised. Amazing.

I since learned that the owner was away and was expected back the next day so everything had to be finished. But the interior was completely transformed, walls removed, new gypsum ceilings, new floor finishes, lighting, air conditioning, kitchen cabinets, televisions and appliances – pretty well everything the eye can see except the original furniture. It’s hard to describe the transformation without seeing images of the original house interior, but the place really looked great. I am sure the finished job must have exceeded the owner’s expectations.