At this stage of life I guess that whatever I do amounts to being a personal statement. In that context I have continued to tweak my website to closer reflect my architectural philosophy as I approach the final stage of my career. The LUMIS website is linked to the Caribbean Home and House Directory and LUMIS is now a syndicated provider of articles on Buildipedia.

Leeward Islands

In the beginning of this process I mainly focused on populating the website with projects I had photographed in the Windward Islands. Currently I have uploaded the projects I photographed in the Leeward Islands so now LUMIS is more representative of contemporary Caribbean architecture. 

Added Functionality

To achieve the clean contemporary look and functionality needed for a larger website it was necessary to make a number of adjustments; some technical and other graphic. For example, rather than the static images, projects are now presented as sliders with thumbnails to help users find what they are looking for quickly. To successfully achieve this there have been lots of backend adjustments.

Newsletters and Blog

The MailChimp newsletters linking to current blogs [now at 37] and these continue to go out regularly – three blogs at a time – but only to subscribers.

Back End Work 

The site is run on a WordPress platform and hosted by Proudfoot Communications. I make special mention of Enoch Sears and Eric Bobrow who have helped me improve the functionality and look of the LUMIS website seen today. Also, I am hoping that I will have a series of videos posted before the end of the year that my brother Gerry Lewis has kindly prepared. So, all in all, hard work has been going on  behind the scenes and what you see is merely the tip of the iceberg.