For this purpose Uptown is defined as the district of Port of Spain bounded on the north by the Queen’s Park Savannah, to the south by Tragarete Road and Park Street, on the West by Cipriani Boulevard and Colville Street and to the East by Charlotte Street.

The district of Uptown enjoys a number of listed projects by the National Trust including the Lapeyrouse Cemetery, once a thriving sugar estate owned by Picot de la Peyrouse. Uptown also enjoys three important squares: Memorial, Mahatna Ghandi and Lord Harris. A unique feature of the Uptown district is the diversity of urban uses that include a jail, a tennis club, auditoria, theatre, hospital, clinics, offices, commercial businesses, schools, residential homes, apartments and churches.

9 Cipriani Boulevard

19 Stanmore

26 New

70 Pembroke

71 Frederick

103 Abercromby

109 Abercromby

120 Oxford

132 St. Vincent

134 St. Vincent

Corner Frederick & Keate

Corner St. Vincent & Oxford

Holy Name Convent

Knowsley House

Mc Donald Jorsling Building

National Museum

POS General Hospital

St. Joseph’s Convent

St. Mary’s Chapel

Tranquility Methodist Church