Because I am aiming at publishing my book ‘Contemporary Caribbean Architecture’ in 2015 I need to start looking seriously about how this is going to happen. Well there is still some time! Seriously I am hoping that by the time I am ready to publish in 2015 that the online publishing technology has reached full maturity so as to provide a viable option. To learn more about ‘Contemporary Caribbean Architecture’ click here

Architects need to look at the full range of publishing since this is one of the ways they can advertise their design ability in a professional forum. The main avenues to publish can be summarized as follows:

Short-term avenues

  • Newspaper articles and magazines
  • Exhibitions

Long-term avenues

  • Books and brochures
  • Digital portfolio

In all these avenues, good quality architectural photography is a pre-requisite.  Newspaper houses and publishers are in need of constant supply of publishable material so, having good quality photography and a media press kit with all the required information necessary, will go a long way towards your article being selected for publication.

Architectural magazines keep in close contact with architectural photographers and when they need material they often make contact with them since they know they are getting quality work ready for publication. Architectural photographers will also have a small network of architectural magazine publishers that they can contact when they have suitable projects for publication.

Nic Granlees, an architectural photographer in Australia has embarked on a very interesting concept ‘media-mapping for publishing architectural projects in magazines around the world.