This assignment was a makeover of a bathroom in a renovation designed by me perhaps as long ago as 30 years. Randall Waddell, a well-known interior designer trading under the name Home Work Design Studio, approached me in his usual effervescent style to capture some images of his remake of the bathroom. Randall is very passionate about his work, we get on well and I just could not refuse him.

 Randall arranged for professional cleaners to come in to clean and polish the bathroom in preparation the day before we scheduled the photography. So as usual I am there on time, checking with Randall before arriving with all my photographic gear. Oops! Cleaners are still there – two days to clean a bathroom. Owners are standing bye to use their bathroom. We managed to squeeze off five images in less than two hours but no time to set up lights this time. Still I think we captured the essence of the space and the designer’s intent.
20170329_Bathroom_02 20170329_Bathroom_03 20170329_Bathroom_04
20170329_Bathroom_06 HomeWorks