The Bauhaus Tour is available at the Bauhaus Center, 77 Dizengoff Street in Tel-Aviv – T:03-522-0249. The tour begins at the Bauhaus Center where there is a very nice gift shop with lots of books and gift items along with a comprehensive exhibition and film of Bauhaus buildings in the… Continue reading


Newtown is the smallest of the districts that make up the capital city of Port-of-Spain. It is bounded by Queen’s Park West and Cipriani Boulevard on the East, Tragarete Road on the South, Maraval Road on the West, and the Queen’s Park Savannah on the North. Inside these boundaries, there… Continue reading


I stayed at a hotel near to the Hilton hotel in Tel-Aviv and walked in the vicinity of the hotel where there is a wonderful park, with vistas over the Mediterranean. The hotel itself was not exactly the finest work of architecture but it was, in its repetitive elements, an… Continue reading


Once a greenfield site, the new 40-acre South Park development in San Fernando, Trinidad will contain retail / office space, restaurants, cinemas and a hotel and conference center. Republic Bank Limited, one of the leading banks in the Caribbean will be the premier bank within the development.

The bank is… Continue reading

30.1 2017 WORKSHOPS

The holidays are a good time to catch up on many things, including the craft of architetural photography. During this summer I am attending two workshops: one is the Santa Fe Architectural Photography Workshop by Nick Merrick held in Santa Fe, New Mexico; the second is a One on One… Continue reading

29.2 ST. CLAIR

The district of St. Clair is bounded by Maraval Road on the East; Tragarete Road on the South; the Maraval River on the West and Serpentine to the North [some sources show it as Long Circular Road to the North]. St. Clair is a relatively small district of the city… Continue reading


There are a number of sun angle software applications available for the iphone: PhotoPills; Sun Servey; Sun Seeker; Helios and LightTrac. I have found LightTrac to be very easy to use once you have a data connection on the iPhone.

Here is how Light Trac describes its benefits and features:… Continue reading