I have long held the view that a relatively small investment in good photography­ can lead to significant returns in new commissions and awards. One of my clients, Randall Waddell of Homework Design Studio, is an excellent example of how this can be done. Randall commissioned LUMIS Photography to create images of the Victoria Villa. With LUMIS images in hand he submitted the project to be judged by the prestigious International Property Awards resulting in being awarded a winner for the Caribbean Property Awards – Interior Design. But that is just the beginning: Randall then used the award to be marketed on all forms of media. The result is a profitable return on the small investment in LUMIS that helped to achieve enormous benefits for his business. This how it’s done: Value for Money – VFM.

I therefore encourage architects and interior designers to have their work properly photographed and use these images to extend their marketing efforts with the aim of getting more recognition and more commissions.

Below is a half-page advertorial by Homework and below that some of my images of the award-winning project.