It’s been over a year of lockdown with very little paying assignments. Mind you, I am not complaining – at least I am not in the travel nor vacation business. So, what does one do?  I have been spending time to create my own ‘projects’.

First of all, I have been photographing the city of Port of Spain for five year and accumulated 500 images – a snapshot of the city. I have printed all 500 photos and plan to have some sort of exhibition this year.

Secondly, I am in the formative stages of doing a series of books on our Monuments. Over the last few years we have seen some fine restoration work being done on our premiere historic buildings. I am interested in photographing the monuments and, if feasible, publishing them as a series. But I confess I need help. Anyone interested in being involved please, please contact me.

So here are just a few images that keep me busy during the lock-down: